Adam Glass is a writer, performer, artist, media-consumer, and generally a person who doesn't like being bored, but doesn't mind being idle.

With Two Brains

John Patrick Dorgan and I have had websites together for over a decade now. With Two Brains is a blog that carries on that tradition.


Time Warp Pizza Party is a podcast and blog deidicated to sharing those old creative works we all have in a box in our parents' garage. You're better than you were, so don't be ashamed of the past. Share it! Join the Pizza Party.

Photo by The Ely Brothers

Analytical Platypus is an improvisational dada rock band. Jonathan Hape plays drums, Matt Potts and Donovan Hill play guitar, and a Super Nintendo plays bass. I sing or sleep or paint or talk or dance or whatever comes to mind.

Lost in Criterion

John Patrick Dorgan and I have challenged ourselves to watch every movie in the Criterion Collection. We talk about each film in Lost in Criterion, a weekly podcast.

You attempt to start with the Queen's Gambit, just as you always do, moving the fourth squat ivory piece out two spaces from d2 to d4. And why not? It is, after all, a classically excellent game starter. I inhale the fruity aroma of my usual Earl Grey tea and ask you if you remember the first time we played together.
"Our first date?"